Web Team

The Web Team consists of the College's Web Designer, Cheryl Lambert. The Web Designer is assigned to Information Technology Services (effective December 1, 2016).

The Web Team is responsible for the design, markup, display, and accessibility of web pages hosted on the Ohlone College website (www.ohlone.edu domain). This includes managing the homepage, core pages, and Division, Department, Committee, Other Group, and Faculty websites that use the standard design templates. For more information, see What We Do…Web Team Services. Content for Web Team-managed websites is provided by content experts throughout the College. See also Working with the Web Team Frequently Asked Questions.

The Web Team and the IT Services Department work together to manage the Ohlone College website. The Web Team manages the "front end", while the "back end" web server hardware and software are managed by the IT Services Department's systems and network personnel.

The Web Team worked closely with the Web Task Force (now defunct) to design and organize the College website.

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