Ohlone College Web Style Guide


As web pages on the Ohlone College website are viewed, the site visitor gains an impression of the College, its course offerings and programs, its faculty, and its facilities. Our audience includes current and prospective students, parents, faculty and staff, and the general community, as well as businesses and industry seeking to educate their employees or hire Ohlone students. We must ensure as positive an experience as possible for all visitors to our website.

Toward this goal, the Web Task Force developed this Web Style Guide to ensure appropriate use and consistency of basic information and appearance among websites on the Ohlone College domains (ohlone.edu, ohlonejobs.com, smithcenter.com, etc.). The guidelines provide rules for basic content, branding and web accessibility, but allow a great deal of flexibility in additional content, function, and design.

The Web Style Guide sets content requirements and guidelines for the look and feel of Ohlone College websites whether they reside on Ohlone College web servers or at an off-site web host.

Websites at Ohlone College include these domains/subdomains:

  • dev.ohlone.edu and www.ohlone.edu - core web pages and Web Team-managed Division or Department websites
  • dev2.ohlone.edu and www2.ohlone.edu - websites managed by individual Divisions, Departments, Committees, Other Campus Groups, Faculty, and Staff
  • ohlonejobs.com - redirects to the Jobs page of the Human Resources website
  • smithcenter.com - redirects to the Smith Center website
  • ohlonebasketball.com - redirects to the Men's Basketball team website
  • and any other domain names registered for or by Ohlone College (please contact the IT Service Desk before purchasing a domain name to ensure the registration information and domain name servers are setup correctly)

Each website maintainer is responsible for meeting the requirements of the guidelines for the website(s) he or she maintains.

The Web Style Guide is a living instrument that will change over time. Please check frequently for updated information.

  1. Start with the Practices & Policies section
  2. Then review the requirements in the Design Standards section
  3. Review the Web Center to learn more about meeting the requirements of the Web Style Guide

The Web Center provides website maintainers at Ohlone College with easy-to-use instructions, articles, references, resources and other information to help implement websites under the requirements of the Web Style Guide.

The Web Style Guide was developed by the Web Task Force and approved by Technology Advisory Committee of Ohlone (TACO) and the President's Cabinet in April 2002. The Web Team is responsible for maintaining the Web Style Guide and Web Center to reflect current guidelines and web technologies resources for Ohlone College websites.

Please contact the Web Team with questions or suggestions for improving the information presented in the Web Style Guide and Web Center.