How Do I Get A Web Server Account? - Web Center


Follow the steps in the Getting Started Guide.

THEN, when the website has been created and is ready to be uploaded

Accounts for Division, Department, Committee, Other Campus Group Websites

If you maintain a Division, Department, Committee or Other Campus Group website, please contact the Web Team to obtain the username and password for that website on the development web server. Please include your telephone number in your request. Thank you. These directories are not available through individual Web Server accounts. You must also complete these steps.

Accounts for Faculty and Staff Websites ("/people/username/")

  • Faculty members may have space for academic use on the Ohlone College Web Server.
  • Staff members are asked to get their Dean's permission (emailed to the Web Team) prior to requesting a Web Server account.

First, faculty members should review Getting Started to determine whether you want to create and maintain your own website or whether you want to provide the site content to the Web Team so that they can create and manage the site for you. If your website will be managed by the Web Team, skip the rest of this page since you do not need an account on the Web Server. (The Web Team does not create or manage websites for staff.)

Second, if you will be maintaining your own website, create the web pages on your computer (see Getting Started, the Web Center, and the Web Style Guide). Be sure to review and follow the Web Style Guide. Web pages and other items for the website should be created before the Web Server account is requested.

Lastly, after your website has been created and is ready to upload (transfer) to the development web server:

  1. As part of the IT Services Department's project to use a universal username and password for all computer services, individual Web Server accounts are dependent on the individual first having a Web Services (formerly known as WebAdvisor) account. Create a Web Services (also known as WebAdvisor) account for yourself through the IT Services Department's Accounts page. This must be done before your web server account can be created. Go to and follow the instructions to create your Web Services account.

    After your Web Services account is created, you can manage it (for example, to change your account password) through the IT Services Department's Accounts page at Please note that a password change will be effective immediately for your Web Services account BUT it may be at least 24 hours before the password change will take effect for your Web Server account (during those 24 hours, your old password will work for your Web Server account).

    Do not share your individual Web Server user account information (username and password) with any other person. Since your Web Services account and Web Server account have the same username and password, anyone having access to your account information will also have access to your personnel and personal information. For faculty, this includes class rosters and grades information. For all College employees, this includes private information such as salary, vacation leave, sick leave, etc. that may become available to employees through their Web Services (aka WebAdvisor) account. Keep your information private: Do not share account information.

  2. When your Web Services account has been setup and is working for you, contact the Web Team to request a Web Server account on the development web server. Provide your first and last name and username. If the website directory "/people/username/" does not already exist, it will be created for you.

All maintainers of individual websites (/people/ directory) must also complete these steps.

Both Types of Web Server Accounts

All users of Division/Department/Committee/Other Campus Group and /people/username/ Web Server accounts must also complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a request to the IT Service Desk to have a copy of the Windows or Mac secure file transfer program installed on your campus computer. You will use the program to transfer files from and to your website directory on the development web server.

    Version 3.2.x is the most updated SSH Secure Shell Program for Windows computers. If you do not have version 3.2.x, submit a request to the IT Service Desk to have the new version installed.

  2. If you are working on an existing website, please remember to download all files from your website on the "" server and work on those versions of your web pages.

  3. If you are using Dreamweaver Templates and/or Library items for your website, you must modify each template and library item to use LOWERCASE directory names and filenames for all images and links on the Ohlone website. You must also remove any spaces that may be in any directory names or filenames for images or links. If you don't do this, your pages may not work on the web servers.

  4. Use the Host Name "" to connect to the development web server using the secure file transfer program. You will be automatically placed in the directory where all the files for that website are stored.

  5. You can view your pages on the development web server using this URL:

  6. When you've made changes to your website and have validated for web standards, validated for accessibility, and tested each page, you will need to contact the Web Team to have the new pages published to the main (live) web server. Please list each new file individually (good to do if you have files that aren't ready to be published live yet) or indicate that the entire website can be transferred. For images and other non-HTML files, provide the names of those images or the name of the directory you put them in. At this time, there is no automated process for publishing from the development web server to the main web server.