Web Center


The Web Center is your resource for learning how to create and maintain web pages at Ohlone College - use it with the Web Style Guide which describes recommendations and requirements for Ohlone College websites. It is intended for use by Ohlone College staff and faculty who maintain Division, Department, Committee, Other Campus Group, or individual faculty or staff websites at Ohlone College.

The Web Team manages the content of the Web Center website. Please contact the Web Team with comments or questions about the Web Center.

Publishing Websites at Ohlone College

  • Options for Faculty Websites - Full-time and part-time faculty should review this information before the Getting Started Guide.

  • Getting Started Guide - Where do I begin? How do I start a new site? What do I need to know? What should I put on my website? The Getting Started Guide can help you answer these questions.

  • Web Style Guide - What is required for Ohlone College websites? What type of content do I have to include on my website? What standards must I use on my website? The Web Style Guide details the standards for markup languages, logos, content, and other elements so that all Ohlone College web pages have a unified look and feel.

  • FAQs - Frequently asked questions about website publishing at Ohlone College. Email additional questions to the Web Team.

  • Resources - Working with websites requires knowledge of a variety of topics and web technologies. The links and other information you'll find in the Resources section will show you how to properly markup your web page content, use style sheets, make your pages accessible to people with disabilities, validate your pages, and more.