Concurrent Enrollment: Cross Enrollment / Cross Registration - Transfer Center

Ohlone College participates in a program with University of California, Berkeley and California State University, East Bay that allows currently enrolled students to also attend classes at the participating university. Each university has their respective requirements, outlined below, which you must meet before applying to the program. If you feel that you are eligible, you must meet with your Ohlone College counselor to pick up the appropriate documentation.

University of California, Berkeley: Cross Enrollment Program

  • UC Berkeley logo.Completion of at least one semester at Ohlone College as a matriculated student at the time of application with a GPA of 2.0.
  • Offered fall and spring semesters only.
  • Must be enrolled in at least six units at Ohlone College during the current semester the student seeks to cross-enroll at a four-year institution.
  • Limit is one undergraduate course per semester at UC Berkeley.
  • Completion of any necessary prerequisite courses for the planned University course.
  • Enrollment is permitted in course after all registered and added Berkeley students—discretion is up to instructor(s).
  • May not enroll in a course that is offered at Ohlone College.
  • Work completed is reported on Ohlone College transcript.
  • After attending a Cross Enrollment workshop, complete the UCB Cross Enrollment Application (PDF) and make an appointment with Stephanie Ramos in the Counseling Department.
  • UCB/CCC Cross Enrollment Guidelines (PDF)
  • Sample UCB-CCC Petition for Cross Enrollment Form (PDF)
  • Recommended:
    • Completion of ENGL -101A
    • Lower division courses 1-99
    • Meet with a counselor to check progress

California State University, East Bay: Cross Registration Program

  • CSU East Bay logo. Completion of 20 units at Ohlone College with minimum 2.0 grade point average
  • Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters
  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 semester units at Ohlone College
  • Enrollment allowed in no more than two undergraduate courses on a space available basis – discretion is up to instructor
  • Lower Division courses cannot be offered at Ohlone College at any time during the academic year
  • Participating students will have access to all academic facilities and instructional programs, and establish a CSUEB record
  • Complete the CSUEB Cross-Registration Application (PDF) and make an appointment with an Ohlone College counselor.
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