Welcome to the Office of Student Services!

The Office of Student Services assists students in credit courses from pre-enrollment to enrollment to retention to graduation to job placement.  Inherent throughout the delivery of services is the Learning College Model, which stresses student access, programs, learning, and success. 

Student Services as a division exists to focus on the whole student, and the entire student learning experience.  Everything we do contributes to and promotes the quality of student learning. 

Ohlone College’s Student Services’ vision is an achievable possibility centered around the five concepts of a curriculum of Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Leadership, and Purpose. The possibilities of Student Services are the possibilities for students. And the possibilities for students are the possibilities for Ohlone College.

Most Student Services offices are located in the Student Services Center, Building 7 on the Fremont campus. Admissions, registration, records, counseling, and financial aid assistance are also available at the Student Services Center on the Newark campus.

The cafeteria is located in Building 5 on the Fremont campus, and Athletics offices are located in Building 9 on the Fremont campus.

The Vice President, Student Services serves as administrator for student services. Students are encouraged to contact the Vice President, Student Services for information and assistance.