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Jackson Theatre
- Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts

Jackson Theatre stage with piano, and theatre seating.The G. Craig Jackson Theatre is a 405-seat proscenium style theatre, set up for music, theater and dance performances. The space is engineered to have variable acoustics to complement the reverberation needed for orchestras and choirs to zero reverberation for standard theatrical presentations. It has an orchestra pit which can be mechanically raised and lowered. It has a full fly system and a trapped floor. The proscenium is flanked by open box boom positions, and there are three catwalks over the audience. The control rooms are centered in the rear of the audience envelope with followspot positions in a booth above. The proscenium has an adjustable opening. For further technical information about the booth, see Jackson Control Booth.

Jackson Control Booth

Control Room for Jackson Theatre.This large control room sits just behind the back row of the auditorium. The sound window opens fully for the sound operator. The sound board is a Yamaha with 30 ins and 8 outs. There is a wireless system available for the Hard of Hearing. The booth also controls the video inputs and outputs for the theatres, so any space can be patched into any space for sound, video or both. The lighting board is an ETC expression with 280 circuits, one per dimmer. The followspot booth is directly overhead.

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