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Regroup Emergency Mass Notification System

Regroup logo.The Ohlone Community College District uses the Mass Notification System Regroup® to provide the Ohlone College community and other subscribers timely advisements of emergencies which are occurring on either the Fremont or Newark campus.

Notifications by this system are distributed simultaneously through a variety of communication formats such as: email, text, message/SMS, voice broadcast, Ohlone College’s website and social media sites. These notifications will advise the recipients what the emergency or situation is, the appropriate actions to take, and provide ongoing updates as the situation progresses or is resolved.

Current Students and Employees

Staff, faculty, and students are automatically enrolled in the system through employment records and College registration. Students will be enrolled in the system for as long as they are currently registered as a student with Ohlone Community College. Although it is discouraged, students have the ability to “opt-out” of the system if desired (see log-in and managing personal settings). Use your WebAdvisor username and password to Log-in.

Login to change/update your notification preferences:


Others who desire to receive notifications, such as parents, campus neighbors, news media, emergency first responders & jurisdictional law enforcement agencies, have the ability to register into the system. Once registered, they will have the ability to select how they would like to receive notifications. Those who register themselves into the system will remain in the system until they select to “opt-out.”

This mass notification system is reserved for emergencies and critical information only. However, a minimal number of periodic notification tests will be conducted to ensure the system is continuing to function properly.

Personal information in the system will never be shared outside of the Ohlone Community College District or our mass notification system’s provider Regroup®.

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