Curriculum and Scheduling Office

What We Do

The Curriculum and Scheduling Office is responsible for maintaining CurricUNET, the website for Ohlone’s course outlines and programs; assisting faculty and division deans with courses and programs; serving as a resource to the Curriculum Committee; ensuring that Ohlone is in compliance with Title 5 regulations regarding courses and programs; producing the class schedule and catalog; and overseeing the scheduling of classes as well as reserving rooms for non-class events and meetings.

How to Reserve a Room or Campus Facility

Please see the Scheduling Procedures Flowchart (PDF) to submit to whom a room request.

* Note: If your event or meeting relates to a class, the request must go to your Division Office. Please contact your Division Administrative Assistant.

Scheduling Contacts by Facility

Please also note that the Curriculum and Scheduling Office does not reserve the following facilities; contact the person indicated in the chart.

Classrooms and Areas Not Reserved by the Curriculum and Scheduling Office
(updated December 1, 2016)
Facility / Type of Facility Department Responsible for Scheduling Contact
Room 7205 / Placement Testing Center Placement Testing Center Shawna Lujan
Room 7207 / Student Services Meeting Room Available only for occupants of Building 7, second floor Ann Burdett
Room 7304, Counseling Workroom Counseling Department Shawna Lujan
Gym and all other Athletic facilities, including pool and fields Athletics Department Chris Warden
Smith Center facilities, including Amphitheatre and Green Room Theatre Operations Chris Booras
Music Practice Rooms Music Department Dan Smith
Outside Areas, including Quad (Fremont and Newark campuses), Palm Bosque (Fremont campus), and Amphitheatre (Newark campus) Student Activities Renee Gonzales / Alexandria Eoff (Event Form)
Fremont campus Cafeteria, Building 5, second floor Student Activities Renee Gonzales / Alexandria Eoff (Event Form)
Newark Center Lobby Student Activities Renee Gonzales / Alexandria Eoff (Event Form)
Room NC1100, Contract Education / Community Education Newark Campus Jackie Vetter
Room NC1200 / ASOC Recreation Room ASOC Renee Gonzales
Room NC1219 / Administration Meeting Room Newark Campus Jackie Vetter
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