Multicultural and International Programs

Ohlone College - A World of Cultures United in Learning.

One of the goals of Ohlone College is to promote appreciation for and understanding of diverse races and cultures by expanding the diversity of college personnel, international education offerings and exchanges, cross-cultural curricula, and ethnic/cultural events.

Following are links to additional information on:

  1. International Programs and Services - Students interested in attending Ohlone College on an F-1 Student Visa.

  2. English Language Institute (ELI) - Intensive English language program for international students.

  3. Study Abroad Program - Ohlone College students interested in studying in other countries, such as China, Thailand and Australia.

  4. Sister College Program - Ohlone College seeks to establish relationships with colleges and universities outside the United States to share historical, cultural, societal, and economic knowledge and information to increase our mutual awareness and to enrich the curriculum of both schools.