IT Resources & Policies for Students - Information Technology Services (ITS) Department

Pcounter WebPay (Student Printing)

Student printing at both the Fremont and Newark campuses uses Pcounter WebPay. There are no cards to lose, and students can add value to their accounts from anywhere via a secure website. Instructions to use Pcounter WebPay (PDF).

While the new system requires a little bit of work upfront when students create their accounts, subsequent print jobs are easy to approve and purchase. Best of all, there is no increase in the per-page cost of printing for students—still just $0.10 (10¢) per page for black and white and $0.60 (60¢) per page for color in Hyman Hall.

Please note that the old GoPrint cards can still be used on the photo copiers in the Fremont Library and in Hyman Hall during the Fall 2011 semester. This will allow student to “spend down” any funds they have on cards purchased in past semesters. ITS will transition these photo copiers to either Pcounter or standalone units during the fall semester.

Recommendations for Student Computers

Ohlone ITS recommends using the below specs as the minimum requirements to purchasing a new computer for academic use: Computer Recommendations for Academic Use (PDF)

Systems Use Requirements

The Systems Use Requirements establishes rules and prohibitions that define acceptable use of the Ohlone College systems. Unacceptable use is prohibited, and is grounds for loss of computing privileges, as well as discipline or legal sanctions under Federal, State, and local law.

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