Free HIV Testing - Student Health Center

Red AIDS ribbon.Free HIV testing is available with results available within two weeks.

  • Call (510) 659-6258 make an appointment
  • Student Health Center, Room 7302, Building 7, third floor, Fremont campus
  • Results ready in 2 weeks
  • No needles - we use the Orasure Method

We welcome all students, staff, and faculty. HIV testing is not available to the general public at Ohlone College.

It is a completely free test. Results are ready in two weeks and can only be given to the tested individual in person (no phone calls). Testing is performed by a State of California Certified HIV/AIDS Test Counselor.

Orasure test for HIV.We are pleased to present to you the Orasure Method, the Oral HIV Antibody Testing System. Orasure is an oral fluid collection system that requires no needles or blood work. The method is highly accurate (99.97%) and reliable. Using a swab, the test draws out HIV Antibodies (not the virus) from the tissues of the cheek and gum for two minutes. It does not collect salvia, but rather sample called oral mucosal transudate (Omt). This is an easy and painless method because it takes away some of the fears involving needles and blood. Additionally, the provider is not at risk for unintentional transmission when using this method.

Many people have different reasons why they choose to get an HIV test. Here are some reasons you may consider getting tested:

  • You have or had vaginal, anal or oral sex with those whose sexual or medical history you don't know.
  • You have or had unprotected sex (e.g. sexual activity without latex condoms).
  • You have been raped or sexually assaulted.
  • You share or have shared needles.
  • You have or had unprotected sex with a person with HIV or at risk for HIV.
  • You are a woman considering pregnancy.
  • You have been recently diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease (STD).
  • You are thinking of having sex with a new partner and want to be sure neither of you have HIV.
  • You just simply want to know your HIV status.
  • You have questions and want to learn more about HIV, HIV transmission, and how to protect yourself and your partner(s).

Additional HIV Testing Options