Index to Curriculum Guides for 2011-2012
(Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Summer 2012)

These curriculum guides are based on the Ohlone College 2011-2012 Catalog academic program requirements. Students who will be graduating using a different catalog for their requirements should see a counselor and refer to the appropriate Ohlone College Catalog (view Ohlone's Catalog Rights Policy). All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review academic program requirements and/or have questions answered.

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General Education Patterns

(From the 2011-2012 Catalog.)

Curriculum Guides

Name AA Degree AS Degree COA COAcc
Accounting AA   COA  
Administration of Justice AA   COA  
Administrative Assistant AA   COA  
Administrative Assistant with Supervisory Focus AA   COA  
American Sign Language and Deaf Studies AA   COA  
Anthropology: Cultural       COAcc
Anthropology: Physical       COAcc
Archaeology       COAcc
Art AA      
Art History       COAcc
ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program AA   COA  
Astronomy       COAcc
Audio Technician       COAcc
Ballet Dance Teacher / Choreographer       COAcc
Biology   AS    
Biology: General       COAcc
Biology: Human       COAcc
Biology: Life Sciences Survey       COAcc
Biotechnology   AS    
Biotechnology: Bio-Manufacturing     COA  
Biotechnology: Biostatistics     COA  
Biotechnology: Cell Production / Fermentation     COA  
Biotechnology: Quality Control / Research Associate     COA  
Broadcasting AA   COA  
Broadcasting: Advanced Film and Video       COAcc
Broadcasting: Digital Video and Editing       COAcc
Broadcasting: Entertainment Television       COAcc
Broadcasting: Live Television Production       COAcc
Broadcasting: Radio Air Talent       COAcc
Broadcasting: Radio Digital Production       COAcc
Broadcasting: Radio Program Management       COAcc
Broadcasting: Radio Studio Operations       COAcc
Broadcasting: Sports Television       COAcc
Business AA      
Business Administration AA      
Business Communication       COAcc
Business Supervision / Management AA   COA  
Ceramics       COAcc
Chemistry   AS    
Chemistry Lab Skills: Advanced       COAcc
Chemistry Lab Skills: Basic       COAcc
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)       COAcc
Cisco Certified Network Professional (Network+, CCNA, CCNP)   AS COA  
Commercial Music       COAcc
Communication Studies AA      
Computer and Information Literacy       COAcc
Computer Applications in Biotechnology       COAcc
Computer Engineering   AS    
Computer Programming       COAcc
Computer Science   AS    
Computer Studies: Computer Programming (Internet / Web Programming) AA   COA  
Computer Studies: Computer Programming (Software Development) AA   COA  
Costuming       COAcc
Data Communications and Web Programming       COAcc
Database Administration       COAcc
Deaf Education       COAcc
Design       COAcc
Desktop Support Technician (A+, Network+, MCP)   AS COA  
Desktop Support Technician       COAcc
Digital Art       COAcc
Drawing       COAcc
Early Childhood Studies AA   COA  
Earth and Environmental Sciences       COAcc
Electronic Music Composition       COAcc
Engineering   AS    
Engineering       COAcc
Engineering/Manufacturing Technician       COAcc
English AA      
Entertainment Design and Technology: Audio Technician AA   COA  
Entertainment Design and Technology: Costuming AA   COA  
Entertainment Design and Technology: Live Event Management AA   COA  
Entertainment Design and Technology: Moving Light Technician AA   COA  
Entertainment Design and Technology: Stage Craft AA   COA  
Entertainment Design and Technology: Theatrical and TV Lighting Technician AA   COA  
Environmental Science   AS    
Environmental Stewardship       COAcc
Environmental Studies AA      
Fine Arts AA      
Fine Arts       COAcc
Fitness Instructor       COAcc
Forensics       COAcc
Gender and Women's Studies       COAcc
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)       COAcc
Geography: Cultural       COAcc
Geography: Physical       COAcc
Geology   AS    
Geology       COAcc
Glass       COAcc
Graphic Arts / Computer Graphics AA   COA  
Graphic Design       COAcc
Human Development Studies AA      
Intercultural Communication       COAcc
Interior Design AA   COA  
Interior Design Basics       COAcc
Interior Design Communications       COAcc
Interior Design Technology       COAcc
International Business       COAcc
Internet Applications Development       COAcc
Interpersonal Communication       COAcc
Java Developer       COAcc
Jazz Dance Teacher / Choreographer       COAcc
Journalism AA   COA  
Journalism       COAcc
Kinesiology: Athletic Training   AS    
Leadership Communication       COAcc
Liberal Arts AA      
Linux+       COAcc
Linux / UNIX Administration       COAcc
Live Event Management       COAcc
Mass Communication       COAcc
Mathematics   AS    
Mathematics: Applied       COAcc
Mathematics: Pure       COAcc
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)       COAcc
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)       COAcc
Microsoft Systems Engineer (Network+, MCP, MCSE)   AS COA  
Modern Dance Teacher / Choreographer       COAcc
Multimedia AA   COA  
Multimedia       COAcc
Music AA      
Music Theory       COAcc
Music Theory: Advanced       COAcc
Natural Resource Conservation and Management       COAcc
Natural Science AA      
Network Administrator (Network+, MCP or UNIX, CCNA)   AS COA  
Network Technician       COAcc
Office Computer Applications       COAcc
Office Support       COAcc
Oral Interpretation       COAcc
Painting       COAcc
Paleobiology / Natural History       COAcc
Phlebotomy       COAcc
Photography       COAcc
Physical Science       COAcc
Physical Therapist Assistant   AS    
Physics   AS    
Physics: Advanced       COAcc
Physics: Introductory       COAcc
Piano Performance       COAcc
Psychology AA      
Real Estate Sales Agent       COAcc
Real Estate Sales Broker AA   COA  
Real Estate Sales Broker Associate       COAcc
Registered Nursing   AS    
Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development       COAcc
Respiratory Therapist   AS    
Sculpture       COAcc
Social Science AA      
Sociology AA      
Sociology       COAcc
Speech and Communication Studies AA      
Speech and Communication Studies       COAcc
Stage Craft       COAcc
Tap Dance Teacher / Choreographer       COAcc
Technical Support Specialist (A+, Network+, MCP)   AS COA  
Theatrical and TV Lighting Technician       COAcc
3D Modeling and Animation       COAcc
UNIX / Linux Systems Administrator   AS COA  
Video Game Development       COAcc
Vocal Music Performance       COAcc
Vocal Music Performance: Advanced       COAcc
Web Delivery       COAcc
Web Design       COAcc
Web Infrastructure       COAcc
Web Programming       COAcc
Work Readiness (Deaf Education)       COAcc


Associate in Arts
Associate in Science
Certificate of Achievement
Certificate of Accomplishment