Public Information Officer - Office of College Advancement

Ohlone College’s Public Information Officer (PIO) is assigned to the Office of the College Advancement and reports to the Ohlone College President. Among other duties, the PIO serves as the liaison between the District and the news media.  The PIO's goal is to ensure that open lines of communication are maintained with all segments of the college community.

The role of Ohlone College’s Public Information Officer includes:

  • Producing and disseminating all District press releases
  • Acting as liaison to all related media outlets
  • Facilitating media interviews with District personnel
  • Serving in the District’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC) as needed
  • Assisting with public records requests

The Office of College Advancement is an award-winning marketing team that works to promote the image of the District.  The Office of College Advancement communicates the institution's mission, programs, services, and events to the campus community, as well as to the public.

Contact Information

Shairon Zingsheim
Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Training
Public Information Officer
(510) 659-6201
Fax (510) 659-6025