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Dual Enrollment K-12th Students Steps for Enrollment - Admissions and Records

For students still enrolled in high school, we offer a dual enrollment program. If you have graduated high school and are over 18, please go to the instructions for New Students. If you have completed high school, and you are under 18, you will still use the instructions for New Students but may need to provide proof of your high school graduation.

Step 1

Apply online through the California Community College Application OpenCCC Apply. Follow the link above to OpenCCC Apply and sign in if you have an account. If you have never applied through OpenCCC Apply to any California community college, you will need to create an account before you can apply. Dual enrolled students are required to reapply every term they plan to attend.

You must complete your online application before the deadline posted on the permission packet or exceptional student recommendation packet. You can also find the deadlines on our Academic Calendar.

Step 2

Complete your permission form or exceptional student form. Dual enrolled students are required to complete a new permissions packet or exceptional student packet every term they plan to attend.

Students in the 10th to 12th grade will complete a Permission packet.

Students in the K-9th grade will complete the Exceptional Student packet.

Both of these packets and information on the enrollment requirements for dual enrolled students can be found here: Special Enrollment K-12th.

If you are taking an Ohlone College class on your high school campus or through Mission Valley ROP, please contact your program coordinator to get the correct form. Do not submit the generic Permission packet or Exceptional Student Recommendation packet from our website.

Submit the completed packet to the Admissions Office on Fremont or Newark campus. Please make sure you have filled the form out and secured the signatures for student, parent, and school principal. If you are a homeschooled student, you will need to either have the school district office sign your packet, or submit the private school affidavit for the current school year along with your packet.

You must submit the Permission packet or Exceptional Student Recommendation packet by the deadline posted on the packet. If your packet and online application are not received by the deadline, you may not be able to register.

Step 3

Wait for your confirmation email from Admissions with your student 7 digit Ohlone student ID number and instructions on your next step. You should receive the confirmation email within five business days of submitting both the online application and your packet.

If you submit only one or the other, you will not receive a confirmation email and will not be able to register.

In some cases, we may need to request additional information in order to complete your application and send you a student ID number. If you receive an email asking you for additional documents, please bring the requested information to the Fremont or Newark campus Admissions Office.

Step 4

Sign up for your student email and WebAdvisor accounts once you receive your Ohlone student ID number. Student email account sign up and WebAdvisor account information and instructions

Step 5

If you are taking a class with a prerequisite, complete placement testing or meet with a counselor to clear your placement requirements. You can find information on taking a placement test or receiving a test waiver at our Placement Center.

If you cleared course requirements at another institution, you can find information on prerequisite clearance .

Additional resources for test preparation can be found at EdReady for Ohlone Test scores can be viewed through your WebAdvisor account.

Step 6

Visit the Registration Readiness Dashboard in your WebAdvisor account. You can find the option when you log in to the Students menu. It will display any holds on your registration.

For help with the registration readiness dashboard, please see this tutorial video. Next, check your registration date at When Do I Register?

If you aren’t able to register yet, you can still pre-select your classes ahead of time. This means the classes will be saved in your preferred sections, ready to go on your registration date. For more information on pre-selecting your classes and registering for classes, please see How To Register.

Step 7

Register for classes on your registration date. Your registration date is listed in your Permission Packet or Exceptional Student Recommendation Packet. You can only register in classes with open seats and no waitlist.

If a class is full, choose a different class you have permission to enroll for. If you register in a class that is not listed on your Permission packet or Exceptional Student Recommendation, you may be dropped from that class.

Step 8

Pay for your classes. Payment is due at the time of registration. Dual enrolled students are not be charged tuition but you will still have fees for the courses you take. As a courtesy, we allow up to five (5) days for you to make payment after registering. If payment is not received within that time, you may be dropped for non-payment.

You can make payment online using the Pay on My Account option in WebAdvisor, or at the Cashier's Office on Fremont Campus. You can find payment information.

To better understand your tuition and fees, please go to Fees.

Please note, if you choose not to take a class, it is your responsibility to drop that class. Do not rely on being dropped for non-payment to end your registration.

Step 9

Get ready for your classes. Verify your registration through the My Class Schedule link in the WebAdvisor Student menu. Here, you can view the classes you are registered for in each term. There is a link to view your required textbooks as well, if the instructor makes that information available prior to the start of class.

If you want to change your schedule, you can find instructions for adding and dropping classes.

Please be aware that for full term classes, you cannot make changes to your schedule after the census date. You can find the census on the Academic Calendar.

For short term classes, you will need to check with your instructor or with Admissions and Records for the last day to add or drop a short term course. In most cases, the last day to make a change to a short term class on your schedule is the first day of the class term.

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