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Kindergarten-12th Grade Enrollment Steps - Admissions and Records

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Kindergarten-12th Grade Enrollment Process

Step 1
Apply Online
Apply via a Paper Application

  • Apply online only 10th-12th grade students. Kindergarten-9th grade students complete a paper application.
    - Or -
    Complete an Ohlone College paper application (available in the center of the printed Class Schedule or download and print the Application for Admission (PDF)).
  • Obtain a Kindergarten-9th grade or 10th-12th grade permission packet online at the Ohlone College Fremont or Newark campus, or from any district high school.
  • Obtain the necessary signatures on the Student Permission Form.
  • Submit the Student Permission Form and Health Waiver together to the Office of Admissions and Records on the Fremont campus in Room 7249 or the Student Services Center on the Newark campus in Room NC1312.
    • For 10th-12th grade students: All application materials should be submitted by Monday, January 8, 2018 for Spring 2018 semester (no exceptions).
    • For Kindergarten-9th grade students: The deadline for K-9th applications is Tuesday, January 16, 2018 for Spring 2018 semester (no exceptions).
  • Receive a Student ID Number 2-3 business days after submission of all application materials via email or by calling the Office of Admissions and Records at (510) 659-6100 if an email address is not available.
  • Set up a WebAdvisor account to register, add, drop, waitlist, and pay for classes online. See the Instructions for getting a WebAdvisor account.

Ohlone College uses email to communicate with students. Please:

  • Provide an email address when applying and check your email regularly.
  • Submit email address changes via WebAdvisor.
  • Adjust mass mailing or spam filters to allow messages from Ohlone; all Ohlone email messages will be addressed with “Ohlone College” at the start of the subject line.

Step 2
Take Placement Tests (for English, Math, and ESL Prerequisites)

  • Take the required placement tests. Placement testing is required for all students enrolling in English or math classes or classes with an English or math prerequisite. Per Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, Kindergarten-12th grade classes cannot be used to meet college prerequisites.
  • Log in to EdReady for Ohlone. Take a diagnostic test to determine readiness for the Accuplacer Math Placement Test, then follow a personalized study path to help place higher when the Math Placement Test is taken.
  • Go to the Placement Testing Center website for information regarding placement tests and dates and times the Placement Testing Center is open.

Step 3
Course Pre-selection

When viewing course offerings in the online Class Schedule, you can determine which classes are open and pre-select those you want and save them as your Preferred Sections. This will save you time and effort when you are ready to register online at your appointment time.

Step 4
Register for Classes

Students in grades Kindergarten-12 may not enroll in any PE, ATHL, or non-CSU/UC transferable courses. CSU/UC transferable courses are identified in the online and printed class schedule.

  • For 10th-12th grade students, register for: Spring 2018 classes online via WebAdvisor starting Monday, January 16, 2018. Go to How to Register for registration instructions.
  • For Kindergarten-9th grade students, register online using WebAdvisor for Spring 2018 classes online via WebAdvisor starting Monday, January 22, 2018 with add authorization code. Go to How to Register for registration instructions.

OR, if class is filled

  • Attend first class to obtain an add code if space is available.

Please Note: Submitting the Ohlone College application and permission packet does not register students for classes. Students register for classes online via WebAdvisor. See the Instructions for getting a WebAdvisor account.

Step 5
Pay for Classes - Payment due upon registration

Payment must be received within five (5) calendar days of registration or students may be dropped from classes due to non-payment. Go to Fees for further information.

  • Pay online by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover using WebAdvisor.
  • Pay by cash, check, or credit card at the Cashier's Office.

Step 6
Prepare for Classes

  • Print a copy of your class schedule from WebAdvisor to confirm registration and check for errors.


  • Purchase books online on the Ohlone College Bookstore website or visit the Ohlone College Bookstore on the Fremont campus (Building 5, first floor).

If you want to change your schedule by adding or dropping classes, use WebAdvisor:

Please Note: Grades received at Ohlone College become part of a permanent college record and college transcript. Kindergarten-12th grade students will be expected to participate at a college level.

Step 7
Attend Classes

Once you have completed each of the steps above, the Kindergarten-12th Grade Enrollment Process has been successfully completed! Attend classes! Thank you for choosing Ohlone College.

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