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Apply for Degree or Certificates - Admissions and Records

Graduation Application Deadlines:

  • For Spring 2018 Graduates: March 16, 2018
  • For Summer 2018 Graduates: June 21, 2018
  • Note: If you plan to participate in the graduation ceremony you must submit your summer graduation application by April 16, 2018.

  • For Fall 2018 Graduates: October 5, 2018

Your application to graduate must be received on or before the deadline for the semester you intend to graduate. We recommend submitting your application for a degree or certificate up to a year prior to the term you plan to complete your study.

Spring Graduation Ceremony information

Four students with Ohlone Green gowns and caps in 2017 Graduation ceremonyCongratulations to the Graduating Class of 2017.

How to Apply for a Degree or Certificate

  • Step 1:
    Meet with a counselor to determine the degree(s) or certificate(s) you are eligible to apply to. If you already know what degree(s) or certificate(s) you are completing, you may still want to meet with a counselor to do a graduation check.

    Tip: If you plan to transfer, keep in mind that the degree you complete at Ohlone College may have a different name than the program you will pursue at your transfer school. Always check the catalog or our major codes list for the most current programs offered at Ohlone.

  • Step 2:
    Choose your general education pattern. A counselor can review which general education plan is best for you. Here's a quick review of our general education plans. You can find more detailed information here: Current general education plans:
    • Plan A: for an associate degree at Ohlone College. Meets the requirements for other California junior colleges but may not meet the requirements of a university.
    • Plan B: for an associate degree at Ohlone College and meets the requirements for transfer to a California State University school (CSU).
    • Plan C: for an associate degree at Ohlone College. There are two plan C types—one meets the requirements for a California State University school (CSU) and the other is designed for transfer to a University of California school (UC).
  • Step 3:
    Complete the Application for a Degree or Certificate. Be sure to fill it out completely and include your full name on the form. You can apply for more than one degree or certificate using the same form. Attach a copy of the degree worksheet you completed with counseling if you did a graduation check.

    Your graduation application can be submitted to the Admissions Office at Fremont or Newark campus, by fax to (510) 659-7321, or by email to

    Tip: If you plan to include your middle name on your degree or certificate, be sure to list it on the application. If your name has changed since you applied and you would like your new name to be listed on your degree or certificate, please complete the Student Information Change form and submit it with the appropriate documents

  • Step 4:
    Submit all official college and high school transcripts, military transcripts or DD-214, and any Advanced Placement scores you may have. We can only use official transcripts to apply courses toward your degree or certificate. Even if you’ve complete a course substitution waiver form with a counselor using an unofficial transcript, we won't be able to graduate you until your official transcript is received.

    Official transcripts can be sent to:

    Admissions and Records
    Ohlone College
    43600 Mission Blvd
    Fremont CA 94539

    We also accept them electronically through Credentials, Parchment, or E-Script, or you can bring in a sealed, unopened transcript to the Admissions Office on Fremont or Newark campus.

    If you are using classes from an out of state or private college, please meet with a counselor to determine if the course(s) can be applied toward your degree or certificate. You may be required to bring in course description(s) or syllabi for the course(s) you plan to use.

    Tip: We can’t accept a transcript as official if it comes from your email address, or if you bring in an opened copy.

  • Step 5:
    Degree Evaluations take 8-10 weeks after all grades are submitted for the term. Please make sure you’ve submitted all your documents before evaluations begin to avoid delays in your evaluation. If you know you will be late in turning in any information or if you need to repeat or complete a class in a later term, please let us know as soon as possible. You can contact the evaluations team at Find evaluator contact information.

    Tip: You will receive confirmation that your degree application was received within 1-2 weeks of submitting the form. We won't contact you again until the evaluation period. If you have any questions during that time about your degree or general education plan, be sure to meet with a counselor.

Evaluations FAQ

Question: How do I know what degree or certificate to apply to?

Answer: If you aren’t sure what program you are close to completing, meet with a counselor to pick the best major for your educational goals.

Question: When should I apply to graduate?

Answer: We recommend applying up to a year before the term you plan to graduate in. Make sure to check the application deadlines.

Question: When will I know if I got my degree or certificate?

Answer: You will receive a congratulations email 8-10 weeks after grades are posted for the term you applied to graduate in. The email will have information about receiving your diploma and certificate too.

Question: When will I receive my diploma or certificate?

Answer: Processing time can vary but usually you will get your diploma or certificate 4-6 weeks after you receive a congratulations email from us.

Question: What if my address changes after I apply to graduate?

Answer: Notify us as soon as possible of any address change. Updating information in your WebAdvisor account will not update or change the address of your diploma request. You'll have one last chance to change your address for your diploma or certificate when you receive the congratulations email. If you don't update your address by the deadline in the email, your diploma or certificate may be sent to the wrong address

Question: What if I didn't receive the diploma or certificate I applied to?

Answer: If you received a congratulations email, you should get your mailed diploma or certificate in the next 4-6 weeks. Make sure you provided the correct address to us by the deadline. If not, you may want to check with your post office to find out if they will forward the diploma to you. In cases where the diploma is returned to us as undeliverable, we will contact you to pick up your diploma at our Fremont Admissions Office.

A diploma or certificate may also be held if you have a balance due. You can check for a balance in WebAdvisor under the Account Summary option in the students menu or by contacting the Cashier's Office.

Please note, Certificates of Accomplishment are not mailed—they are sent by email. Make sure to check your spam folders if you did not receive your email. If you don't see it, please email to let us know.

Question: What if I don't get a congratulations email?

Answer: If we aren't able to award your degree or certificate, you will receive an email with information about your evaluation. In some cases, you will need to send in official transcripts or test scores to complete the missing requirements. If you have any questions about your evaluation, please meet with a counselor to complete a graduation check. They will verify the evaluator's findings and explain what you need to complete your program. You can contact a counselor.

Question: How do I know if I’m graduating with honors?

Answer: Our evaluations team puts together a report on students currently meeting honors and highest honors requirements and provides that information to the bookstore. When you purchase your graduation packet there, they will let you know if you need honors cords.

If you have completed coursework at another institution that you would like to have considered for your honors designation, you will need to contact the evaluators to request it. We do not typically calculate transferwork into your Ohlone grade point average until completing your degree evaluation after the end of the term. An official transcript is required. You can contact an evaluator at

Please note, honors designations are based on your GPA at the start of the term you applied to graduate in. We are not able to provide an honors designation based on coursework in progress. This also means that you may graduate with honors at the ceremony but will not receive them on your diploma due to substandard final grades in your last term. This can also occur if you have substandard coursework on any transferred coursework.

Question: What if I've repeated courses or need to repeat courses at Ohlone College or another school?

Answer: If you plan to repeat a course You can check with a counselor to verify which courses are equivalent. If you repeat a class at Ohlone College, both classes will show on your transcript but only the most recent course is used toward your GPA and program requirements.

Question: How do I use transferred courses toward my degree?

Answer: You will need to meet with a counselor to verify that the courses you want to use can be transferred to Ohlone College. If so, you will need to submit your sealed, official transcripts to the Admissions and Records Office at Ohlone College. In some cases, you may also need a course substitution waiver. A counselor can help you with that process.

Question: I missed the deadline to apply to graduate. What do I do?

Answer: You can apply to graduate in the following term.

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