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For information about serving as a tutor, tutor training, and additional learning centers and labs, see Tutoring Services.

Hyman Hall.

ELC Services

Self-paced English Courses

These classes are designed to help you improve your skills in vocabulary, learning techniques, spelling, reading, and/or reading speed. Working at your own pace and carefully following written directions, you will come to the ELC lab to complete your assignments over the course of the semester. Staff will be available to answer questions, sign off on completed work, and periodically check your progress.

  • English 172 Vocabulary
  • English 173 Learning Techniques
  • English 174 Spelling
  • English 175 Reading Comprehension
  • Enlgish 176 Rapid Reading

Course descriptions for English classes are available in the Ohlone College Catalog under Courses Descriptions.

Tutoring Services

  • Free English tutoring - students can sign-up at the ELC front desk for a weekly English tutoring appointment
  • Drop-In English Tutoring
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) conversation groups

Embedded Tutor (ET)

An Embedded Tutor (ET) is a tutor assigned to work with a specific class. ET sessions are regularly scheduled, out of class group tutoring sessions. In addition, limited one-on-one tutoring is sometimes provided depending on student needs. The ET tutor works closely with the instructor and students, to provide tutoring and develop study skills.

Foreign Languages

Please go to the ELC at the Fremont campus in Room HH-217 to inquire about the current availability of foreign language tutors and hours.

ELC Employment Opportunities

Students interested in applying for an English tutoring position or a clerk position, contact Mary Fontanilla at (510) 659-6087 or mfontanilla@ohlone.edu for more information.

All tutors can enroll in a tutor training class. See information at Serving as a Tutor.

Staff for the ELC