Arts and Social Sciences Division

Fine Arts

Life's great memories include not only significant events, such as family and personal triumphs, but also the aesthetic experiences gained from the arts and from nature. Ohlone College offers many opportunities for personal achievement in arts for students and for the community. Participation in the arts broadens perspectives, stimulates the imagination, celebrates diversity, builds bridges across cultures, and exposes us to magnificent artistic monuments.

Arts in the broadest sense and Social Sciences

Understanding human beings, the human condition, and the contexts and challenges of their lives—History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology provide a foundation for transfer, broadening of the intellect, and insight for life and career.

Education for Life and Work

Arts and Social Sciences' instructional programs serve three main student constituencies: (1) transfer, (2) occupational, and (3) continuing education. We seek to assist in the development of cultural arts in the Fremont-Newark community.

Access and Excellence

Courses in the Arts and Social Sciences Division are mostly transferable to California State University or University of California, many of which fulfill General Education or major requirements for Associate degrees as well as transfer to CSU and UC.