Guide to Student Services at Ohlone College

Ohlone College provides services and programs that enhance a student’s use of college offerings and facilitate progress toward academic, career, personal, and social goals. Student Services staff are committed to each student’s success and growth as a person. Student Services coordinates with all areas of the college to provide a meaningful college experience for students.

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See also the Office of Student Services.

Information Desk
(510) 659-6000

The Information Desk in the Lobby of the second floor of Building 7 on the Fremont campus functions as the first point-of-contact for students to access student services or other administrative offices. It is the first stop to get help and referrals across campus. The Information Desk is the place for students with questions and needing directions.

For general questions campus wide, directions, and to pickup transcripts:

  • Window Number 2, Building 7, Lobby of second floor, Fremont campus
  • Monday - Thursday: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Closed every Friday year round
  • Holiday hours will vary and will be posted

Computer kiosks for WebAdvisor access are available in the second floor lobby of Building 7. These kiosks allow students to register for classes, add or drop classes, check their grades, and use other features of WebAdvisor. The kiosks are available even when the service windows in the lobby are closed.

Female student looking up information at lobby kiosk.

Admissions and Records
(510) 659-6100 Fremont Campus
(510) 742-2341 Newark Campus

The Office of Admissions and Records provides students with admission and registration assistance, transcripts and enrollment verifications, and degree and certification processing.

WebAdvisor provides access to student accounts around the clock.

Admissions and Records information and many forms are available on the Admissions and Records website. Students may also email questions to

Drop Box service is available in Building 7, second floor lobby on the Fremont campus. Hours for the Fremont campus are posted outside the Office of Admissions and Records, on the Admissions and Records website, and by telephone at (510) 659-6100.

Enrollment Verifications are normally produced within five (5) business days. Students should allow for additional processing time during registration periods.

Official transcripts are obtained by requesting them through WebAdvisor or through Transcripts Plus.

At the Newark campus, visit the Newark Student Services Center for admissions and records assistance.

(510) 659-6044

Ohlone College Renegades logo.Athletics is an academic program that produces significant student learning outcomes that relate directly to success in life.

Ohlone College is a member of the Coast Conference. This conference competes against colleges that are located throughout the Greater Bay Area, including regions such as Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Monterey, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Sport teams for Fall semester include men's and women's soccer; women's volleyball; and men's and women's water polo. Winter sports include men's and women's basketball. Teams for Spring semester include men's baseball; women's softball; and men's and women's swimming and diving.

A variety of health and wellness classes are provided through the Fitness Center and Physical Education classes. The Total Health and Wellness Center at the Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology offers a variety of innovative classes designed to help you get fit, manage stress, lose weight, or just feel great!

Learn more about Renegades Athletics.

(510) 659-6061

The Ohlone College Bookstore is owned and operated by the Follett Higher Education Group and is located on the first floor of Building 5 on the Fremont campus and online. The Bookstore buys textbooks year-round. Visit the Ohlone College Bookstore website for Bookstore hours, the Bookstore Check Policy, the Bookstore Refund Policy, Bookstore Refund Exceptions Policy, and Textbook Buyback information. Store hours are subject to change pending class offerings.

Textbooks, online access codes (keys), and supplies for students may be purchased at the Ohlone College Bookstore or online.

Cash, personal checks (see Bookstore Check Policy on the Bookstore website), Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.

Two Ohlone students browsing textbooks in the Ohlone College Bookstore.

Campus Police Services / Safety and Security
(510) 659-6111 Fremont Campus
(510) 742-2311 Newark Campus

Ohlone Police patch / logo.The Ohlone College Police Services, known as Campus Police Services (CPS), Safety and Security, was established by Board of Trustees Resolution 63-74-75. The officers are trained, and the training reimbursed, per Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training Guidelines, Resolution 66-81-82. The College is committed to full implementation of the Student Right to Know and Campus Safety Act of 1990 or Clery Act, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act..

The responsibilities of CPS include campus security, traffic, parking control, prevention and detection of crime, and enforcement of federal, state, and municipal laws. CPS has the primary responsibility for directing, planning, and controlling vehicle and pedestrian traffic on College grounds. CPS oversees the painting of roadways and curbs, placement of control signs, removal of hazardous obstructions, and other related tasks.

Career Services
(510) 659-6255

Career Services provides resources to students wishing to explore careers and/or employment. Career testing is available for those students who are undecided about their educational and occupational goals, via the Personal Development (PD-150) course.

For students wishing to work in the community, Career Services works with Bay Area employers to receive the best available jobs for students. For full-time, regular employment, Career Services works in partnership with the Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center.

Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a counselor (in Building 7, third floor, Fremont campus) to learn about the services offered.

Cashier's Office
(510) 659-6073

The Cashier's Office takes payments and issues refunds. The Student Receivable Department, an extension of the Cashier's Office, is available to assist students with issues related to the charges on their student account. Questions can be emailed to

Window hours, methods of payment, and information about refunds are posted on the Cashier's Office website.

Two male students socialize on Ohlone's Fremont campus.

Community Education
(510) 979-7590

Community Education courses are designed to meet the not-for-credit, continuing education needs of individuals in the Tri-Cities area. At Ohlone College Community Education, the goalis to provide a wide range of programs to meet community needs and interests, as well as provide something for everyone. Community Education aims to promote lifelong learning through courses designed for personal enrichment, professional development, skill development, and recreational enjoyment.

Ohlone for Healthy Living

Not interested in getting units for PE classes? Looking for an affordable way to stay active and healthy? Ohlone for Healthy Living provides a variety of affordable courses to the public that meet the needs of the diverse population, while promoting health and wellness.

Special Interest

Ohlone Community Education special interest courses promote personal enrichment, skill development, and recreational enjoyment in a friendly learning environment. Learn new skills in a wide-array of topics, taught by professionals in the industry.

Online Learning

The Ohlone Community Education Department’s online learning offerings allow participants to take interest-based, professional development, and career changing programs from the comfort of their own home.

Courses are project-oriented and include lessons, quizzes, hands-on assignments, discussion areas, supplemental links, and more. Students can complete any of these courses entirely from their home or office and at any time of the day or night.

Visit the Community Education: Online Learning website for complete information.

Workforce Education and Career Development

The mission for Ohlone Workforce Education and Career Development is to provide high quality, accessible training and services that provide businesses, industries, and government with a world-class workforce and a competitive advantage and enable the Fremont-Newark community to acquire knowledge and skills to obtain and maintain prosperous career opportunities and enhance their quality of life. Learn more about Corporate Education and Workforce Development.

Ohlone for Kids and Teens
(510) 979-7597

Young girl drawing a picture at Ohlone for Kids summer class.

Ohlone for Kids and Teens offers a unique blend of academic enrichment classes for students grades 2-11. Students will develop confidence and feel safe while engaging in hands-on learning activities that stimulate their interest and growth through an interactive, facilitative workshop format.

Students practice critical thinking skills and enjoy a variety of activities including Arts/Performing Arts, Language Arts, English, Math, Reading, LEGO Rebotics, Electronics, Science, Social Studies, and SAT/College Preparation.

The Ohlone for Kids and Teens Summer Program is offered from June through August. In addition, OFK After School classes are held during the school year to students enrolled in a school where partner classes are held.

Corporate Education and Workforce Development
(510) 742-2319

Ohlone College, through its Corporate Education and Workforce Development group, is a leading educational provider that can deliver comprehensive workforce solutions to the local Fremont-Newark businesses, industry, government, and individuals. Learn more about Corporate Education and Workforce Development.

(510) 659-6110 Fremont Campus
(510) 742-2340 Newark Campus

Ohlone Counselor advising a student.Counselors assist students individually and in groups to discuss academic, career, social, and personal counseling matters. Counselors also work with students to develop individualized Student Education Plans (SEP). Additionally, special workshops and classes are offered to help with other college related concerns.

Personal counseling and life coaching is also available in the Student Health Center.

Student Academic Standing

Students on academic or progress probation, subject to dismissal, and/or dismissal standing are monitored by counselors. The Counseling Department utilizes workshops, individual appointments, Personal Development classes, unit limitations, progress reports, and other services to help students succeed. Notification about poor academic standing is sent by email a few weeks after the end of the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)
(510) 659-6079

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) provides support services, mobility orientation, counseling, and registration to students with disabilities.

Graduating female student in wheelchair gets assistance during the Graduation ceremony.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
Video Phone (510) 344-5700

Advising, counseling, and coordination of accommodations and special services are available for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

Disabled Students
(510) 659-6079

Advising, counseling, and coordination of accommodations and special services are available for Disabled students.

Interpreter Services
Voice (510) 659-6271
Video Phone (510) 344-5701

Interpreter Services provides interpreters, real-time captioners, and notetakers to Deaf students for classes, meetings, and college events.

(510) 659-6152

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) provides academic and financial support services to low-income students who meet specific program criteria. EOPS services include assistance with the admissions process, academic and personal counseling, and book purchasing assistance for students who meet program requirements.

Additionally, EOPS students who are single parents receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) and who have children under the age of 14 may participate in the CARE and CalWORKS programs. Contact the EOPS Office at (510) 659-6152 for an application and additional information.

Financial Aid
(510) 659-6150 Fremont Campus
(510) 742-2340 Newark Campus

The Financial Aid Office is located in Building 7, second floor on the Fremont campus and in the Student Services Center on the Newark campus. For information on grants, loans, scholarships, enrollment fee waivers, and other aid available, contact the Financial Aid staff or visit the Financial Aid website. Transfer students who were determined eligible for financial aid at another college should immediately contact the Ohlone College Financial Aid Office.

FSA ID, FAFSA, Loans, Direct Loan Program, Board of Governors Waiver (BOGW), Income Standards

For information about loans, completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), loan amounts, income standards, applying for a loan, obtaining a FSA ID with the US Department of Education, required documents, the Direct Loan Program, and the Board of Governors Waiver (BOGW) Enrollment Fee Waiver Program, visit the Financial Aid website.

Ohlone College Foundation
(510) 659-6020

The Ohlone College Foundation is here for students. Scholarships are offered exclusively for Ohlone College students: incoming, continuing, and transferring. The annual application period opens in February. All students are urged to apply by visiting the Foundation Scholarships website. For more information about the Ohlone College Foundation or to find out how you can help, please visit the Ohlone College Foundation website or call us at (510) 659-6020.

International Programs and Services
(510) 659-6439

Ohlone College is home to a diverse community of international students. The International Programs and Services Office assists international students who are applying to and attending Ohlone College.

"International student" is defined here as any student on or wishing to obtain an F-1 Student Visa. The International Programs and Services Office provides services to international students and their families services including International Student Application processing, international admissions support, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations advisement, international student orientation, Optional Practical Training administration, Curricular Practical Training administration, referral to homestay placement services, advisement regarding Social Security Number acquisition, and assistance with the acquisition of health insurance.

The International Programs and Services Office also assists with the administration of Ohlone College’s Study Abroad programs for U.S. and international students.

For more information, please visit International Programs and Services.

Learning Resource Center (LRC)
(510) 659-6171 Fremont Campus
(510) 742-3128 Newark Campus

Two female students studying in the Ohlone College Library.The College's Learning Resource Center (also known as the Library) is located on the first floor of Hyman Hall on the Fremont campus and on the first floor of the Newark campus.

Registered students may access the LRC's many electronic resources including ebooks and periodicals through the LRC's website. The LRCs on both campuses provide group and individual study space, text a librarian for help, and access to personal computers and wireless Internet services.

Library hours and services are posted on the Ohlone College Library website.

Office of the Ombudsperson
(510) 659-7376

The Office of the Ombudsperson assists students in garnering disputes (academic and otherwise) as well as administrative complaints. The Office of the Ombudsperson can direct students to the appropriate channel(s) to be used in requesting a review of an action or decision. The Office of the Ombudsperson provides a safe and comfortable environment for students to confidentially discuss complaints, concerns, or problems. When appropriate, the office will initiate an informal intervention with the goal of facilitating a resolution that is acceptable to all parties involved. Visit the Office of the Ombudsperson website for more information.

Student Health Center
(510) 659-6258

The Student Health Center is a collaborative venture with Washington Township Hospital and the Ohlone Community College District. Student Health Services Fees pay for primary care, first aid, emergency response on campus, physical examinations, referral services, health education for Ohlone College students. Immunizations, lab work, and X-rays are provided at a nominal fee. Services are provided by a licensed nurse practitioner and a physician.

The primary Student Health Center is on the Fremont campus in Building 7 on the third floor in Room 7302 and provides services for Fremont and Newark students. The Health Center at the Newark campus, located in Room NC1214, first floor, Wing 2, provides consultation services for health science students and minimal services for primary care.

Office of Student Life
(510) 659-6255

The Office of Student Life exists to provide co-curricular experiences for Ohlone students. The Office of Student Life offer students a place to meet new people, gain leadership skills, and have fun. The Office of Student Life serves as the hub for all student hosted events and activities. This is done through collaboration with other departments, programs, and organizations. By visiting the Office of Student Life, students can learn how to join several student organizations at Ohlone College.

Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) - Student Government
(510) 659-6063

Student government, also known as the Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC), is the voice of the students in the shared governance of the College.

Every Spring the ASOC executive board members are elected by a majority vote of the student body. During the Fall and Spring Semesters students can elect to participate in student government by filling out the petition to be a Senator.

All students are encouraged to participate. Meetings and leadership training are mandatory and are held week during the semester. For more information, stop by Student Activities in Building 7, second floor on the Fremont campus or visit the ASOC website.

Students box using huge gloves during an Ohlone carnival.

Student Activities
(510) 659-6255

Student Activities provides opportunities for student involvement at Ohlone College through social and cultural programs, student leadership training, and annual campus events such as Welcome Day, Soul Surge, and many others. The Student Activities staff advises student government (ASOC), student clubs, and produces co-curricular activities.

Check with the Student Activities Office in Room 7210 (Building 7, second floor, Fremont campus) and visit the Student Activities website for more information about organized student programs and clubs.

Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee funds college activities and events such as dances, bands, Orientation, food events, clubs, art and music programs, lectures, and elections; production of the student ID card; and more. Learn more about the Student Activity Fee.

Student ID Card/Validation
(Included in Student Activity Fee)

The Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) Student Identification Card is the valid Ohlone College Student ID and proves eligibility for established student discount programs at theaters, symphonies, amusement parks, and many more locations.

Student ID card, pictures, and validation stickers are available in Building 7, second floor on the Fremont campus and on the first floor of the Newark campus. The ID Card Window is open at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters and Summer term. Dates and hours are posted on the Student ID Cards web page.

Female student sitting on ground with her laptop at Fremont campus.

Clubs and Organizations
(510) 659-6255

Clubs and co-curricular activities are a great way to become involved and meet people with similar interests. Participation offers opportunities to learn leadership and life skills that enrich the educational experience at Ohlone College. For advisor and student leader names for clubs, contact the Student Activities Office in Building 7, second floor on the Fremont campus or visit the Student Clubs web page.

Transfer Center
(510) 659-6241

The Transfer Center provides resources to students wishing to explore college and university transfer. College and university recruiters come Ohlone to meet with prospective students. Students can make an appointment to meet individually with a recruiter.

Ohlone's Transfer Center also includes a resource library with current catalogs from California State University (CSU) campuses, University of California (UC) campuses, and other colleges and universities. Workshops are available on topics such as "The Application Process," "Writing Your UC Personal Statement," and "Transfer Admission Guarantee".

While at Ohlone College, students may complete their lower division (freshman and sophomore) general education requirements and major field courses prior to transfer. Many courses offered at Ohlone have been articulated with the University of California, California State Universities, and private institutions. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor in order to develop a specific transfer plan.

Ohlone College has also established various programs with specific universities such as Transfer Admission Guarantee, and Cross Registration with California State University, East Bay. Visit the Transfer Center website for more information on these and other programs.

Transfer Planning

Students should see a counselor to develop a transfer education plan. This will help determine which general education courses are appropriate for their specific goals. It is important to note that some sequenced courses (e.g., ENGL-101A-B and MATH-101A-B) may not be accepted in transfer if they have been taken out of sequence.

Just before transferring to either a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) campus, students will need to apply for an official general education certification which reflects completion of general education requirements. This request should be made at the Office of Admissions and Records on the Fremont campus during the last term prior to enrollment at the university. In addition, students need to request that an official, final transcript is sent to the transfer institution.

Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Centers
(510) 742-2323

The Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Centers are open to Ohlone students and local residents for job search and career development activities.

A wide range of services are offered to students, including career assessment, career advising, job readiness, labor market information, internship opportunities, and individualized job search assistance. Students may access valuable resources including job search strategies, resume development, interviewing skills, high-speed internet access, phones, and job search books, videos, and periodicals.

The Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Centers also work closely with local employers to match students to employment and internship opportunities. Best of all, services are provided at no cost to students and residents of Alameda County.

There are two convenient locations to assist students with their job search. Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center is located on the first floor of the Ohlone College Newark Center in Room NC1211, first floor. Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center is also located inside the Employment Development Department (EDD) Office at 39155 Liberty Street, B 200, Fremont.

Visit the Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center website for additional information, including hours, location, map and directions.

Tutoring Services
(510) 659-6087

General tutoring services are available through the English Learning Center (ELC) in Hyman Hall, Room HH-217 (second floor) on the Fremont campus. These services are free and available to all enrolled students. The ELC also offers focused tutoring in English writing, reading, foreign languages, and English as a Second Language.

See Tutoring Services for a listing of tutoring services and subject-related labs. Tutoring for Health Sciences students is available by appointment.

Veterans Affairs Office
(510) 659-6199

The Office of Veterans Affairs assists veterans and veteran dependents with educational benefit matters. Students needing assistance should visit the Office of Veterans Services, located in Building 7, second floor on the Fremont campus. All previous transcripts and copies of discharge papers (DD214 or 2384 for Reservists) are required for enrolling and receiving Veterans Benefits.

Veterans are encouraged to visit the Veteran Resource Center in Room 5101, Building 5, first floor, on the Fremont campus to meet and talk with current student veterans.

Welcome Day (Fall Semesters)

Students get lunch during Welcome Day!

All new students are invited to participate in this exciting, informative event. Throughout each Fall Semester's Welcome Day, students will attend interactive workshops and activities to help them make a smooth transition to college. Attending Welcome Day is a great way for students to learn about Ohlone, meet other new students, and gain valuable skills.

Welcome Day is held in August each year before the start of the Fall semester. Registration and a materials fee are required. Learn more about Welcome Day.