Tips for Using the Ohlone College Directory

The Ohlone College Directory is simple to use; however, it does not provide complex searches.

  1. One at a time, you can search:
    • for a person's first name (cannot also search for last name)
    • for a person's last name (cannot also search for first name)
    • by title (want a list of faculty? search for "faculty")
    • for a department name (who is in the Math department? search for "math")
    • for a phone number (who has extension 6000? search for "6000")
    • for a room number
    • by campus (want to list all Newark campus records? search for "newark"
    • by email address (who is search for "jsmith")
    • for "fax" to get a list of Fax numbers
    • for "tty" to get a list of TTY numbers

  2. Do not include a space before or after your search term - do not search for "[space]john" or "john[space]".

  3. If you can't remember how to spell someone's name, search for part of it. For example, search for "nor" to list all records containing "nor" somewhere in the record (example results list includes records with these words in them: Nora, Lenore, Norem, Northern).

  4. Complex searching is not available. You cannot search for "John Smith", but you can separately search for "John" or for "Smith".

  5. Searching is not case sensitive, so searches for "james" or "James" or "JAMES" or "JaMeS" all result in the same listing.

  6. Sort by clicking on a column heading (an arrow in the column heading indicates that column can be sorted):
    • Click once for ascending order (0-9, A-Z, a-z)
    • Click again for descending order (9-0, Z-A, z-a)

  7. You can get display a list by Building by:
    1. searching for the building number (example: 2)
    2. sorting the Room column by clicking the column heading
    3. scrolling to where the Building room numbers begin (example: 2101)

  8. There are 3 Include options: "All" records, just "People" records, or just "Departments" records.

  9. There are 4 Report Type options - i.e., 4 formats with which to view Directory information:
    • "Default" with all columns
    • "Plain" with all columns and smaller header/footer - Nice for printing
    • "Name & Phone" with just Name and Phone information
      • "All" and "Name & Phone" will list Name and Phone
        • for People records, Name includes First Name and Last Name
        • for Department records, Name includes Department and the Area in Department
      • "People" and "Name & Phone" will list First Name, Last Name, Phone
      • "Departments" and "Name & Phone" will list Department, Area in Department, Phone
    • "Name & Phone Plain" with just Name and Phone numbers and smaller header/footer - Nice for printing (the subparts of the previous list item also apply here!)

  10. You can use any of the 3 Include options with any of the 4 Report Type options.

  11. Be careful when printing because there can be a lot of pages and information changes regularly. It may be best to just use the online version. Make the Directory page a Favorite or Bookmark it in your web browser.

    Before printing: Do a Print Preview from the browser window and adjust the Scale and other print settings as desired.